Who is Laura Erickson?

I’m a birder, award-winning author and radio/podcast producer, and conservationist. My bio is on my webpage. This blog serves as the fleshed-out, illustrated transcript of my “For the Birds” radio program and podcast. You can find the archive of old blog posts (from earlier than March 2023) at Laura’s old blog. My radio program/podcast are here.

I’ve been doing my blog and radio work as an unpaid volunteer for over three decades, but except for a venture into Patreon to get some new equipment, have been covering all of my own expenses—camera equipment, computer, web services, sound recorder, birding travel, et al—subsidized by my hard-working but almost-retired scientist husband. I needed a new, free or inexpensive email service to get my blog posts out, so decided to try this.

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Laura Erickson

I'm author of more than a dozen books about birds. I've been producing "For the Birds," a radio program that also evolved into a podcast, since 1986.